PC Software

These are some of the legacy PC software projects I have written. Mainly written in VB6, these haven't been updated in years...

PC Shanghai
This is a fairly simple Mahjong clone ported from a similar game discovered on a magazine coverdisc written for RISC OS. Linked in here is a registry patch that will associate save files with the executable, so that double-clicking the save file launches the game with the loaded file.

A simple reaction test. I got the idea for this one back in the day from a machine at a bar.

Autorun Menu
This is a configurable menu that can be burnt onto a CD or DVD or other media such as a USB stick that allows the user to select one of a number of options from a drop-down menu. Typical use for this would be a customised utility CD or an install disc with multiple bundled applications whereby the user chooses what to install.

PC Poker
This is an early attempt of mine to create a video poker clone. Works, but very dated.

This is an MS Word macro that, when assigned a key combination, will toggle the character under the cursor between upper and lowercase. This was inspired by a feature in Junior Impression. A similar DTP type package for RISC OS.

Windows Uptime
This provides a GUI front-end to the Microsoft UPTIME.EXE system uptime availability tool. The download page for this handy tool seems to have been removed from Microsoft's website, so I'm including the utility as a separate zip file here. I have no connection with the command line tool, I just wrote the GUI that invokes it.

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